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'Rusty' is the first single to Hein's upcoming Debut Album 'The Art of Escape'.

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Director: Dan Jamieson.
Assist: Adam Cooper, Tim Cooper, Boris.

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Vacantly stood with these glazed eyes looking down,
Blurred lines bubble in my cup, think I'm fizzing out,
Well I don't hear a sound as I'm reaching out to you,
I'm not looking for the fix that I got used too.

I get a little rusty,

So won't you spare me some time,
Doesn't it destroy your soul like it does mine,
When nothing that we do is fine,
Every high we get the lie that says the water's turned into wine,
Well I've been twisting out, I've been twisting out the screws,
and I'm not looking for the fix that I got used too,

Chasing rabbits down holes, there's a Chesire watching me,
the Yellow brick road to nowhere I know is where I go,
Seen the road lead to nowhere before.

Title : Hein Cooper - Rusty [Official Music Video]
Owner : Hein Cooper
Duration : 3:14
Viewed : 705,461
Liked : 7841
Published : Feb 3, 2016
Quality :
Souce : YouTube

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