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Download DHT - Listen to Your Heart (Original Techno & Rob Mayth Mash-Up) [ReMastered]

It's been a while since I uploaded my original mash-up of this song.. it was my first mash-up ever. It has so many views so I decided to improve it since now I have more experience.. So I re-edited/mashed it from the ground up all over again, still trying to sound like my original mash-up but improving some parts that didn't go together well.. also it's now in true HD which is a plus! Hope you guys like it!

Song Download Link:

Original Info: I loved Rob Mayth's remix but it only did one verse of her singing and the chorus once.. so I used a video editing program to mash up both the original techno mix(with both verses and chorus more than once) with Rob Mayth's remix.. and I put it with the video... Tell me what you guys think :P

Notice: I'm not a dj, I used a video making program to create this.

Title : DHT - Listen to Your Heart (Original Techno & Rob Mayth Mash-Up) [ReMastered]
Owner : absiliomundus
Duration : 4:23
Viewed : 6,656,012
Liked : 39139
Published : May 1, 2010
Quality :
Souce : YouTube

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