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l i n k s / /


l y r i c s / /

there's been a scar on my hand about as long as i've known you
from being myself the day after we met
if i whittle away the more i learn about you
it's no less than a bargain for each piece i shed

i don't remember when my heart was broken
i'm sure that it happened a few times before
i've forgotten the ache but i'm glad to have known them
like i forgot the bandage i wore to your porch

i wish i knew what you wanted to say
lady, what lives in your throat
i wish i knew what you do when i'm on my way
what do you do when i go

a few hours from home by the signs that i'm reading
i'm careful but hungry like a fox in the snow
if you give me a word then i'll keep on believing
that there's room in a heart when it's already full.

Title : scar on my hand - rusty clanton
Owner : Rusty Clanton
Duration : 3:53
Viewed : 6,804
Liked : 962
Published : Jul 12, 2018
Quality :
Souce : YouTube

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