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Music recorded exclusively for this video by my band 'Project Dolphin'.
Homepage: http://projectdolphin.bandc...
Youtube Channel:

Akuma's j. tatsu loop is the first true infinite discovered in MvC3. It doesn't use meter, or X-factor and can be performed indefinitely against about 12 characters. In training mode it reaches 999-hits vs the on-point character, in a real match gets around 160-hits vs a full health Sent. It wastes quite a lot of time after damage scaling kicks in and pretty much guarantees 5 stocks at character KO.

In depth Akuma infinite video:

Title : MvC3: Combo vid + Akuma Infinite Combo
Owner : desk
Duration : 4:00
Viewed : 469,752
Liked : 1606
Published : Feb 18, 2011
Quality :
Souce : YouTube

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