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On December 28, 1953, Chicago area kids were introduced to the whimsical story of Suzy Snowflake "tap, tap, tappin'" on every windowpane, seen on "Garfield Goose and Friends" then on WBBM-TV. Like "Hardrock, Coco and Joe", Suzy too was brought to life by the stop-motion animators of Centaur Productions. Norma Zimmer was Suzy's voice and the song was sung by The Norman Luboff Choir, a premier studio group who recorded with well-known artists, such as Frank Sinatra and Harry Belafonte. To purchase this DVD in a digitally remastered format, visit The Museum of Broadcast Communications at

Title : Suzy Snowflake
Owner : MuseumTV
Duration : 2:37
Viewed : 373,521
Liked : 1347
Published : Dec 4, 2007
Quality :
Souce : YouTube

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